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Topodium Group is a global sports, health and leisure agency headquartered in the UK, with offices in the United States and South Africa. In 2020, Topodium launched ToPost, their rebranded Sendible White Label.

2020 Year Founded
18 x Team Members
11 x Social Media Partners


We chatted with Topodium Group's Ryan Grimshaw to learn more about how they use their Sendible White Label and have gone on to achieve success during a global pandemic.

Meet Ryan Grimshaw, Head of Brand and Marketing

Hi, I’m Ryan Grimshaw, Head of Brand and Marketing for Topodium Group. I'm responsible for the delivery and execution of products and services within our global marketing division.


Through a transformational ecosystem of products and services, Topodium Group provides end-to-end creative marketing, consultancy and technology innovation which work in synchronicity to power businesses and brands around the world.

What were your biggest challenges with social media management before using Sendible?

We launched Topodium Group in April 2020, during a global pandemic with many of our team members working remotely. Establishing processes and swiftly acquiring the right tools was pivotal to our operations.

We were clear in our strategic aim; to provide a multitude of products and services which delivered superior value to partners, both standalone, and also as part of our wider ecosystem. A ‘one-stop-shop’ for sports, health and leisure businesses.

It was essential that our products could carry our own branding and unique style, carrying the ecosystem vision into reality. We rebranded the product as ToPost, our very own social media management platform and applied our brand colours. Sendible’s White Label solution really allowed for customisation and flexibility, whilst also providing structure, practical resources and technical support to depend on.



As part of our social media management service offering, Sendible met our functionality criteria of centralised posting across major social network accounts, reporting and analytics, scheduling and content planning, and permission/notification management for more complex social teams or businesses.

The partnership with Sendible also accommodates our growing partner-base and caters for scalability at a cost-effective rate. Sendible’s simple and intuitive user interface is easy to use and as part of the Sendible research panel, we’re always delighted to see constant development and innovation, which is important in supporting Topodium Group’s mission.

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What are your favourite Sendible features and how do you use them?

From a business perspective, Sendible provides an integrated free trial, multi-user permissions and simple account management which makes it super easy to get partners onto the platform, and then managing their accounts. Importantly to add, our prospects are always impressed by demos of the platform, and the free trials we offer, which frequently turn into new business.

We also have a complex service level. For example, we work collaboratively with partners to co-manage their accounts, and we have partners who use the platform to self-manage, and then also partners for whom we manage all their social media channels. That means our team needs a clear overview of what is happening at any one time, so the calendar view feature is super helpful for our social media specialists.

Without a doubt, the ability to centralise partners' social media accounts is a considerable time-saver and streamlines the process.  Gone are the days of manically switching between accounts, logging into several places in various tabs, and remembering passwords etc. 

Additionally, as a global agency, we have partners in various time zones around the world. The posting at optimal times feature and scheduling tool means our team can be well planned in advance - from anywhere up to a month to three months. Yet, the beauty of Sendible is we can also be agile and reactive - switching in new content when required, pausing all posts, or creatively responding to trends or engagement. 

And finally, the ability to manage all your direct messages in one space is a lifesaver. Particularly for partners who provide customer service via their social media channels - it’s all neatly together for ease of conversation tracking, yet channels are easily identified if you need to know the source of the enquiry.

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Sendible’s White Label solution really allowed for customisation and flexibility, whilst also providing structure, practical resources and technical support to depend on.

What positive results have you seen since using Sendible?

Since the Topodium Group launch, we have steadily grown to 11 social media partners, all utilising ToPost. With the recent recruitment of our new Head of Business Development, we’re really doubling-down on utilising the platform as a door-opener to our wider ecosystem. 



For many businesses, 2020 has been a challenging year. Business owners have had to focus on survival, yet still maintaining visibility in the online space. Social media has been crucial in assisting with that presence, and the fact that Sendible is able to speed-up the process ensures business owners and marketers have had more time to focus on their other priorities too.

For one of our partners, BlazePod, we have established their UK and Ireland social media presence which is showing signs of positive growth and engagement, as well as recently launching BlazePod social accounts in the United Arab Emirates.

We’ve led some really exciting social engagement campaigns, particularly throughout lockdown, which saw us deliver a series of at-home training video content created by brand ambassadors for an international goalkeeping glove brand.

What best practices would you recommend?

From an agency perspective, we have taken a few notes from Sendible on keeping your partners and stakeholders happy, involved and updated. 

I’m referring to the emails we receive, the friendly customer success support, the webinar training sessions, the communications on API changes, and the wider Sendible community with its helpful and fun Facebook group.

It’s super important that as an agency your products and services are supported by thorough, educational and informative content. For Topodium Group, that is the very epitome of extending our ecosystem beyond simply what we offer, to also how we offer it - in supporting, nurturing and knowledge sharing.  I believe it’s always about providing value-stacked interactions at every stage of your client's journey.

The ability to centralise partners' social media accounts is a considerable time-saver and streamlines the process.  Gone are the days of manically switching between accounts, logging into several places in various tabs, and remembering passwords etc.

What is your advice to others who are considering Sendible?

There is quite a bit of functionality for partners/clients to get their teeth into, so make sure you yourself have a great understanding of how to leverage the benefits. Many clients don’t initially use all of the platform - they may not understand the value at the beginning, or they’re simply overwhelmed by the excitement of having all their social accounts in once place - so guiding them and explaining how to maximise their usage is important.

Topodium Group delivers monthly consultancy calls to all our partners to ensure their social media activity is aligned with their strategy, and that we are educating them on different elements or benefits that the platform offers in enhancing their social media presence and goals.

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Recap and results

After implementing and rebranding Sendible's White Label solution during a global pandemic, Topodium Group has successfully onboarded 11 social media partners (and counting) onto their ToPost platform since April 2020.

Sendible's White Label solution has allowed Topodium Group to offer their clients an all-in-one social media package, while also giving them the time to provide a multitude of other products and services to sports, health and leisure businesses.

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