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Increase X (Twitter) engagement and reach

A graphic showing Sendible's Compose Box where social media managers can tailor a Tweet and schedule it to publish at the perfect time on a Twitter account.

Schedule Tweets effortlessly with Sendible's X (Twitter) scheduling tool.

Whether it's individual or bulk scheduling, publish to your X (Twitter) account at the perfect time for maximum impact.

Scale your Twitter marketing.


Advanced collaboration and scheduling tool

A graphic showing Sendible's social media calendar tool where users can ask for approval from clients before scheduling posts.

Streamline your social media scheduling workflow and ensure your Tweets are ready to be published.

When you've composed your X (Twitter) posts with tailored copy, the best time to post, and hashtags, send them for approval to your client or team member separately or in bulk.

Easily collaborate with clients on brand growth.


Enrich your Tweets with visual content

A graphic showing Sendible's integration with Canva

Easily adjust images to fit X (Twitter) post's requirements with Sendible's built-in image editor, or simply upload your designs directly from Canva.

Alternatively, access high-quality visuals from Pexels or Flickr to amplify your impact.

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Tweet smarter, target sharper with hashtags

A graphic showing Sendible's Content feature with saved sets of hashtags

Master X (Twitter) Advanced Search by optimising your posts with the right hashtags. Save winning combinations in our library for quick access to relevant keywords.

With Sendible's social media management tool, effortlessly tag key X (Twitter) accounts and boost engagement.

Deliver a winning social media strategy.


Elevate X (Twitter) presence with videos


Plan a perfect mix of static and video Tweets effortlessly. Use Sendible's user-friendly Twitter scheduler to upload videos or spice up your copy with gifs through our GIPHY integration. Let's boost your social media presence!

Explore Sendible's integrations.


Trim links, Tweet wisely


Make every character count with Sendible!

Use our Bitly integration to effortlessly shorten lengthy URLs with UTM tags, leaving more space for your brilliant ideas. Let's optimise your Twitter posts!

White label your dashboard to win client trust.


Empower your social media agency

A graphic showing a white label, customisable social media tool dashboard

If X (Twitter) is in your social media toolkit, Sendible is your secret weapon.

Delight clients, save time, and expand your portfolio effortlessly. Tailor client dashboards, manage approvals, use permission groups, and embrace a powerful White Label solution.

Let Sendible be your trusted ally in Twitter management.

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Create engaging designs for platforms like Instagram within Sendible and access all pre-made visuals with a Canva Pro subscription.

Image Editor

Use our built-in editor to crop and optimise your images to suit each social media platform's ratio requirements.

RSS Feeds

Follow your trusted RSS feeds and publish relevant quality content to social networks at regular intervals throughout the day or as and when new articles are published.

Bulk Importing

It can make more sense to plan your content in bulk. Quickly prepare and import a CSV file or create posts in bulk directly in your dashboard.

Content Suggestions

Browse through fresh content on popular topics and share the most relevant pieces on your client's social media accounts.

Media Integrations

Source fun, royalty-free content with GIPHY and Pexels to engage your audience. Access existing content with our DropBox and Google Drive integrations.

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